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Finances are the biggest single thing that dictate how much care an animal gets or doesn't get. We have found pet guardians want to spay/neuter their pets but simply cannot afford the cost.

We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue by referring applicants to low cost spay/neuter services within Monterey County.

Cat and Dog


Our mission is to protect and improve feral cats' lives through (TNR) Trap-Neuter-Return. In a TNR program, community cats are humanely trapped, then neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and eartipped before being returned to their outdoor homes.

Engaging with our community to develop and build a team of dedicated trappers/caregivers that focus on "their" neighborhood cats!

Teaching the basics of trapping

Loaning traps

Providing transportation

Mapping feral cat colonies, their caretakers and neighborhood cat coordinators

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Community Cat Vouchers

Love cats? Then fix them!
Free Spay/Neuter for Community Cats
Spay+Neuter for community cats is free at the SPCA for Monterey County, vouchers are no longer needed. Service includes spay/neuter, rabies and ear tip if feral. Any additional services (vaccinations, microchips etc) are the responsibility of the person presenting the cat for surgery and are due at time of service.
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SPCA for Monterey County

Offering low-cost spay neuter services to all of Monterey County Residents

Salinas & Seaside residents qualify for special pricing

$25 for Dogs or Cats 

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