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Low Cost Spay+Neuter Monterey County

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There are some great low cost options for residents of Monterey County and some programs that are breed specific or location specific. For more information, click on the organizations below:

Animal Friends Rescue Project

The Spca for Monterey County Veterinary Clinic

The Spca for Monterey County Salinas Residents Only

Salinas Animal Shelter Vouchers for Salinas Residents Only

List of Spay+Neuter Clinics in California

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There are many resources available throughout California. We recommend checking with your local animal shelter, human society or spca they will have current information on available services in your area.

Is your pet sick or injured?

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And you find yourself struggling to afford treatment, if so there are a few programs local to Monterey County that may be able to offer you some assistance. For more information click on the organization name's below:

Max's Helping Paws Foundation

Birchbark Foundation

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

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