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  • Check your email...
    You should receive an email following your submission of your application, please read carefully and following the instructions in the email.
  • Call to make your appointment today!
    Thank you for your interest in having your pet spayed or neutered. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: At this time we are re-directing all applications to the following organizations that offer low cost spay+neuter services in Monterey County. a new mobile spay/neuter clinic for Monterey County Residents. This new mobile spay/neuter cllinic will offer you spay/neuter services for only $25.00 (up to 40lbs) $75.00 (over 40lbs) We encourage you to visit their website and watch their SnipBus Facebook for the mobile clinic calendar for dates, times and locations. Please give them a call at (925) 895-8531‬ or email for an appointment. The SPCA of Monterey County is offering low cost spay/neuter for Salinas & Seaside residents for $25! To make an appointment at the SPCA please call (831) 264-5400 to schedule an appointment. There is very little wait time at the Spca! City of Salinas residents visit MCSPCA/Salinas City of Seaside residents visit MCSPCA/Seaside
  • Print out your application
    You received a copy of your submitted application via email, please print out the application and bring it with you to your appointment
  • Tell your family and friends...
    If you know of another pet parent that wants to have their pet spayed + neutered, tell them about SnipBus and/or The SPCA for Monterey County and share it on social media.
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