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You should receive an email following your submission of your application, please read carefully and following the instructions in the email.

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Thank you for your interest in having your pet spayed or neutered.


At this time we are re-directing all applications to the following organizations that offer low cost spay+neuter services in Monterey County. a new mobile spay/neuter clinic for Monterey County Residents. This new mobile spay/neuter cllinic will offer you spay/neuter services for only $25.00 (up to 40lbs) $75.00 (over 40lbs)

We encourage you to visit their website and watch their SnipBus Facebook for the mobile clinic calendar for dates, times and locations.

Please give them a call at (925) 895-8531‬ or email for an appointment.

The SPCA of Monterey County is offering low cost spay/neuter for Salinas & Seaside residents for $25! To make an appointment at the SPCA please call (831) 264-5400 to schedule an appointment. There is very little wait time at the Spca!

City of Salinas residents visit MCSPCA/Salinas

City of Seaside residents visit MCSPCA/Seaside

Print out your application

You received a copy of your submitted application via email, please print out the application and bring it with you to your appointment

Tell your family and friends...

If you know of another pet parent that wants to have their pet spayed + neutered, tell them about SnipBus and/or The SPCA for Monterey County and share it on social media.